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Welcome to Foxtails 

The petz and owner of Nightcry Kennels and Cattery are proud to present it's new reincarnation: Foxtails. Foxtails is a Petz 3+ site run by myself - Moonfox. If you don't know what Petz are, you're in the wrong place. If you came here looking for adoptions or to check out my crew and archive,, then hopefully you'll find what you're looking for here at Foxtails. Navigation is just below the banner.


Nightcry Kennels and Cattery has been around since 2004, and I thought we needed a facelift and a fresh name. Here at Foxtails, my goal is to provide high quality adoptions with proportioned bodies, selfie eyelids and interesting markings. You'll find a lot of fluffy-tailed kittens for adoption and in my crew - my current favourite trait and the inspiration for the site name. 



        Moonfox @ Foxtails

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